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A chef who is Passionate about championing Sign Language and food together.

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Punk Chef Trucks firing up the streets in London 

After months of discussion, It's finally here. Punk Chef and  Food Truck Masters have collaborated together to bring a unique flair to the food trucks scene, offering a fusion of sign language and DEAFlicious street food. It's a way to celebrate diversity and creativity in London's vibrant food scenes through the universal love of food. It's all about infusing rebellious spirit, creativity into the culinary world and a powerful way to promote understanding and unity among diverse communities.

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Food Is my life & my first true love, as a chef it made me the man I am today.

Scott's cooking series "Punk Chef" and "Punk Chef on the Road" have undoubtedly made a significant impact in the Deaf community and beyond. His unique style  with the flamboyant pink mohawk have not only set him apart but also garnered a dedicated following fanbase worldwide.

Sign language in food is something that I have worked hard on, I want to give the Deaf community a new way to enjoy food and to understand where it comes from.

- Punk Chef

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