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Food demonstrator & Well-known TV host | Chef

Since studying for his culinary degree, Scott has appeared in several tv shows showcasing sign language with food including Punk Chef and Punk Chef on the Road with Hungry Gap Production.

"In my earlier kitchen journey the chefs didn't recognised my cooking ability, they see my deafness as a problem. I just feel they didn't trust me or thought I didn't know what I was doing, which I find really insulting"

Scott's journey as a Deaf chef, driven by his love for food and the desire to make it accessible to the Deaf community, is truly inspiring. From his initial eight-month stay in the Jordan, to his culinary training under renowned chefs in the UK, this has shaped his culinary identity and set him on a path towards becoming a chef.

His culinary journey elevated to new heights when he pursue a culinary degree despite being Deaf. His determination propelled him to hone his skills under the mentorship of some of the UK's most renowned chefs. His culinary path led him to distinguished restaurants in the Northeast England, including the acclaimed 'Wellington Restaurant' at Wynyard Hall and previously he was part of a team of exceptionally talented chefs at Hambleton Hall in Oakham, a restaurant with a Michelin star since 1982 - the longest retained single star in the country.

His television series, 'Punk Chef' and 'Punk Chef on the Road,' broadcast on various platforms, have not only entertained but also educated viewers about sign language and cooking. Scott's legendary status is etched in history as the first Deaf chef to captivate a mainstream audience. His groundbreaking achievement have paved the way for a new era of inclusivity and inspired countless deaf individuals by proving that deaf chefs can not only cook but also shine on mainstream television. Through his remarkable path, he has opened doors for others to follow, pioneering a new era of inclusivity.

Scott's rise to celebrity status within the Deaf community has taken him on a global culinary journey, showcasing his talent at diverse festivals worldwide. However, it was at Ludlow's Food and Drink Festival where he made his groundbreaking debut. During their 25th anniversary celebration, he become the first Deaf chef to take centre stage at the main cooking event, performing in front of a mainstream audience. His live demonstrations at mainstream festivals serve as a powerful statement that talent knows no boundaries, encouraging and paving the way for others to follow in his remarkable footsteps.

Beyond his culinary career away from the world of cooking and television, his dedication to empowering the Deaf community remains unwavering. He invest his time in a range of food and television projects, one of which is a collaboration with a British Sign Language (BSL) linguist. Together, they're crafting a comprehensive of food-related signs, specifically tailored to enhance the Deaf community's understanding of food to empowering their lives.

Scott's latest venture collaboration with Food Truck Masters, 'Punk Trucks,' is a fusion of sign language and food on the vibrant food truck scene bringing together these two elements, he is not only celebrating Deaf culture but also creating employment opportunities and empowering for Deaf individuals in the culinary world. This initiative stands as a shining example of inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and showcasing the rich talents of the Deaf community. His 'Punk Trucks' brand has been awarded a finalist spot in the 2023 'Street Food Championship' showcasing culinary excellence and innovation.

One of his most significant accomplishments was his second-place finish at the International Gastronomy Deaf Chef competition in Copenhagen highlights his culinary prowess and make him a prominent figure in the world of Deaf chefs. His journey is testament to the power of passion, determination, and the universal language of food in fostering inclusivity and unity in society.



  • Incloodu "Include You" Deaf Festival doing a cookery demonstration in London, UK 2013

  • In charge of Sign Circle camping cooking for 200 people for 4 days, Preston, UK 2013

  • In charge of Sign Circle camping cooking for 600 people for 4 days, Preston, UK 2014

  • Mr & Miss Deaf International event cooking for 60 people for 4 days, Reading, UK 2015

  • Mr & Miss Deaf International event cooking for 120 people for 10 days, Las Vegas, USA 2016. 

  • Travelled to 15 different countries for 5 weeks promoting Sign Live & Route 66 Promotions in Europe 2016.

  • British masterclass cookery workshop in Osaka & Tokyo for 3 weeks, Japan 2016.

  • Cookery demonstration to 1,500 audience at Deafopia Expo at Texas, USA 2017.

  • British masterclass cookery workshop in Osaka & Tokyo for 2 weeks, Japan, 2017.

  • Cookery demonstrations at Reims, France for Clin D'Oeil Festival for 4 days, France 2018.

  • Mainstream cookery demonstration at Ludlow's Food & Drink Festival 2019.

  • Mainstream cookery demonstration at Cheltenham's Food & Drink Festival 2021.

  • Mainstream cookery demonstration at Forest Showcase Food & Drink Festival 2021.

  • Other cookery demonstrations include food shows and food festivals in countries such as UK, Europe, USA & Japan.

"The programs aim to show the deaf community how easy it is to make simple and tasty meals and that their disability should not be seen as a barrier to learning a new skill, the fact that I’m deaf myself means that I’m able to relate to deaf people on a much more personal level, making it easier to guide them through the cooking process"


Follow him on Instagram @punkchefofficial

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