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Scott’s love for local, seasonal produce is his strength, He is a unique chef with a general all-round personality and very quick witted. He will guarantee to deliver a bespoke experience that makes your show, project or event stand out.

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He is described as “Passionate, enthusiastic, exuberant and funny”, his food demonstrations are unique because he expresses his passion for food through sign language and his demonstrations are translated though voice over by a qualified interpreter.

His love for local seasonal produces are his real strength, with over 10 years of experience doing cookery demonstrations across UK and Internationally. He can present a bespoke cookery demonstration on any subject while celebrate British produce, using British Sign Language.

Let's talk together to create something different for your show or event.

Festivals, Food Shows & Events


Punk Chef is arguably the first ever Deaf chef to present a cooking program for mainstream televisions, with over 8 years of experience in front of the camera deliver awesome recipes in sign language. He has appeared on BBC, ITV, FILM4, TOGETHER TV and to name a few, he is keen to push the boundaries on TV and show that Deaf chefs can present a cooking program.

He also has wealth of experience using autocue, "live shows" as well "as live", location and studio work which he often does for Cambridge Deaf Association weekly Live Sunday Kitchen programs.

Please get in touch, we can create amazing television contents together.


Television Presenter


Whether in your home, a cookery school, online classes or even one-to-one. Punk Chef's hands-on cookery lessons will give you the confidence and inspiration to cook using the finest seasonal ingredients.

Scott style is relaxed and informal yet hugely informative. He believes that entertaining and everyday meals should be fun to create and straightforward, so you should take your cooking skills to the next level with Punk Chef, 

Interested in booking him for your masterclass event, please get in touch.

Workshop & Masterclasses


One of the best things about working together as they say "teamwork makes the dream work". Punk Chef will continue to be involved in his community link to all collaborate opportunities to name a few; advertisement, social media campaign, community, charity, video or corporation events.

It would be amazing to have a Deaf chef to collaborate in your project with the unique use of sign language to promote diversity and inclusion with your company.

Let's collaborate together and create something unique for your project.


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