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Scott’s love for local, seasonal produce is his strength, He is a unique chef with a general all-round personality and very quick witted. He will guarantee to deliver a bespoke experience that makes your show, project or event stand out.


Festivals, Food Shows & Events

Scott's description as “Passionate, enthusiastic, exuberant and funny” perfectly encapsulates his vibrant and engaging presence. What sets his food demonstrations apart is the unique way he expresses his deep love for food through sign language.

His expertise shines in his appreciation for local seasonal produce, a true strength honed over decades of conducting cookery demonstrations both in the UK and internationally. Scott's versatility is evident as he can tailor his cookery demonstrations to a wide range of subjects while always celebrating the richness of British produce, all delivered in British Sign Language.

If you're looking to add a distinctive and memorable touch to your show or event, Scott's innovative approach is sure to create something truly exceptional which makes him a standout choice for any occassion.


Television Presenter

Scott's groundbreaking role as Punk Chef makes him arguably the first Deaf chef to lead cooking programs for mainstream televisions, accumulating over 12 years of on-screen experience delivering captivating recipes in sign language. His appearances on renowned channels like BBC, ITV, FILM4 and TOGETHERTV, to name a few, have demonstrated his dedication to pushing the boundaries and proving that Deaf chefs can excel as television hosts.

His skills set extends to a wealth of experience in various television formats, including autocue, live shows, "as live" productions, and both locations and studio work. His regular involvements in the Cambridge Deaf Association's weekly Live Sunday Kitchen programs further exemplifies his versatility and expertise in front of the cameras.

If you're seeking to create compelling television content, Scott's passion, experience, and commitment to inclusivity makes him an ideal collaborator to bring unique and engaging shows to life.


Workshop & Masterclasses

Punk Chef's hands-on cookery lessons offer a versatile learning experience, whether in the comfort of your home, at a cookery school, through online classes, or even one-to-one sessions. These lessons are designed to boost your confidence and ignite your culinary inspiration, all while utilizing the finest seasonal ingredients. 


Scott's teaching style is characterized by its relaxed and informal approach, yet it's packed with valuable information. He firmly believes that both entertaining and everyday meals should be enjoyable to prepare and straightforward to master. With Punk Chef, you can elevate your cooking skills and embark on a culinary journey that's both educational and fun.


If you're considering booking him for a masterclass event, don't hesitate to get in touch. His expertise and engaging teaching style promise to make your culinary experience a memorable and enriching one.


Let's collaborate

Teamwork is often the key to making dreams a reality. Scott, as Punk Chef, is deeply committed to being an active member of his community and is always open to collaborative opportunities. Whether it's for advertisement, social media campaigns, community initiatives, charitable endeavors, videos, or corporate events, he brings the unique power of sign language to the table. 


Having a Deaf chef like Scott collaborate on your project is an exceptional opportunity to promote diversity and inclusion within your company. By working together, you can create something truly distinctive and meaningful. Don't hesitate to reach out and explore the exciting possibilities of collaboration with Punk Chef.

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Hiring the Punk Truck

Punk Chef's culinary journey, enriched by years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants and global travels, promises an exceptional and unforgettable dining experience. What sets this experience apart is the unique touch of our deaf team, offering a blend of exceptional cuisine and captivating entertainment that will take your event to new heights. 


While our base is in London, we are adaptable and open to traveling to accommodate your event, subject to logistical considerations, team availability, and menu preferences.


For quotes and availability, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are eager to discuss how we can make your event a truly remarkable culinary and entertainment experience.



Let's Work Together

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