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"Sign language in food is something that  I am passionate about, to express that through cooking is enjoyable for the audience to learn a new signing in food"

Professional Chef

Food demonstrator

Passionate, enthusiastic, exuberant and funny… Punk Chef's food demonstrations are unique because of his love for express food through sign language and his demonstrations are sometimes translated though voice over by a qualified interpreter.

He has been to Europe, USA and Japan doing food demonstrations for the deaf community, but his first ever mainstream food festival came at Ludlow's 25 year anniversary when he demonstrate on the Wot's Cooking stage and become the first deaf chef in history to cook at a mainstream event.

Food stylist / photography

He is a professional chef with years of culinary training and that reflect on his skills to make the food look attractive, He has an eye for details also his knowledge of how to translate the perception of taste, aroma and appeal from an actual dish, to a two-dimensional photograph.

His food stylist / photography flourish when he was working with Fab Food TV for online recipes, he offer to do the food styling and photography, he always allow the food pictures to do the talking so he bought his own DSLR Camera as well as lenses suitable for food photography so it perfect to do close up details and has been doing his own work since.

Cookery classes

Punk Chef's bespoken cookery classes will show you how to crete amazing dishes from the best local seasonal meat and veg, the kind of food that you will love to share with your family and friends. The reason to use seasonal ingredients is to teach you about where it comes from and the quality it provides into your cooking.


The cookery classes will be relaxed and informal yet highly informative. He believes in entertainment  and enjoyable classes to teach you new ingredients and new recipes .